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This Fall the Griggs Center launched a new organization called the “Founders Club” for all students who are currently starting and running their own business while in school and managing all of the busy life events that come with being a college student. The Founders Club was created to provide a network and resources to assist students in their business endeavors. Founders Club members have the opportunity to gain access to a variety of resources including collaborative work spaces, workshops, trainings, networking, funding opportunities and mentoring from experienced professionals. 

Mindy Howard, one of the Griggs Center Student Engagement Coordinators who oversees the Founders Club said, “It has been so inspiring to see the ambition that these students possess. They are juggling so much, but still manage to run businesses with excellence and creativity. It is such a blessing to help provide extra resources and support in their entrepreneurial endeavors.”

When thinking of the community formed through the Founders Club, Karson Tutt, the President of the Founders Club said,  “it has provided me with a community of other ambitious student entrepreneurs who encourage me to grow and improve my business.”

The Founders Club is new this year and the Griggs Center hopes to continually grow in the ways to support young entrepreneurs at ACU. If you would like to learn more about some of these student founders and their businesses, follow the Griggs Center on Instagram (@GriggsCenter), as there will be various spotlights on the founders throughout the year.