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Tea Time in Dr. Lynn's International Poverty and Development class

The purpose of the International Poverty and Development class from a business perspective is to explore low income economics and its challenges & assets for growth. This involves looking at poverty from economic, social, environmental, and theological standpoints.

This course brings a holistic view to business ventures and was developed by Dr. Monty Lynn to give students an opportunity to bridge their knowledge of business with their concern for the developing world.

Learning Goals for the Class include:

  • Deepening student’s awareness of dynamic, contextual, and complex global poverty
  • Identifying effective approaches to development within selected sectors
  • Exploring personal and professional responsibilities in poverty eradication

During this week’s class, Dr. Lynn decided to take things outside of the classroom. After having the students explore various uses for outdoor stoves in developing countries, the class was provided with their own experience. Pictured above are the students enjoying Indian tea made with cardamom over the stovetop.