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Pitch100 Contest

During this last week of September, the Griggs Center will continue hosting our very first Pitch100 Contest. This contest gives students the opportunity to provide a written pitch of their inventive and creative ideas with the possibility of winning $100. The original ideas can be for a business, app, service, or product! The contest opened two weeks ago (September 11-15) to COBA Freshmen and Sophomores. Last week (September 18-22) the contest was open to all majors. Followed by an exclusive opportunity for COBA Seniors and Juniors THIS week (September 25-29). All ideas must be submitted by noon on Friday of this week. The winners for each week are chosen by a panel and announced, via social media, the Friday of the week in which they participated. If you’re interested do not hesitate to stop by and fill out a form. Karen Heflin, Spring Board Contest Coordinator, says “We have enjoyed meeting all of the students who have visited the Griggs Center to fill out their PITCH100 forms. It only requires 100 words or less and we’re seeing some great ideas come through! The Springboard program has more money to give away to aspiring entrepreneurs so come on by!” If you do participate remember to check Instagram (@acuspringboard) for the winners. The winner of week one was Seth Stone, followed by Katie Scott last week! We are looking forward to hearing venture you have in mind. Good luck and have fun!

Dates: September 25-29: COBA Juniors and Seniors

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