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Praxis Academy 2019

This summer the Griggs Center took a group of students to California for the annual Praxis Academy. Praxis is a “next generation entrepreneurial community pursuing redemptive action through business and nonprofits.” 

This network of faith based entrepreneurs, study and practice the idea of redemptive entrepreneurship. During the Academy Week, the Praxis team brings in a number of founders, co-founders and CEOs who are all seeking Christ in and through their entrepreneurial ventures.

The week was packed with inspirational content, speakers, and opportunities to learn from a wide variety of entrepreneurs.

One of the students who attended the academy this year, Greg Johnston, President of the ACU Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization recalled some of his favorite parts of the summer: 

“My favorite part of Praxis Academy was the vulnerability and authenticity of the speakers. The caliber of every person who spoke to us at Praxis was so impressive and every session left me with something new on my mind. There is no way for you to end a day of Praxis without having learned something new and that is one of the coolest and greatest things about Praxis in my opinion.“ 

Another exciting aspect of Praxis Academy is the opportunity to connect deeply with founders and CEOs who share the belief that having God at the center of your business is the ultimate calling we have as Christian entrepreneurs.

Cammie Seaman, the Student Director for ACU Startup Week shared that one of the companies she was able to visit with was the owner and founder of The Giving Keys. From her conversation she learned that, “the owner, Brit Gilmore, was so kind, caring, and passionate about her business. She was passionate about the people that she worked with and was always trying to find new ways to help the homeless and to give them jobs that allowed them to build an income and life of their own and get back on their feet. Her stories were inspiring and intriguing and creates that drive to want to help others.”

Cammie walked away from the week feeling inspired and excited about the very theme of Praxis Academy – “Redemptive Entrepreneurship.” She mentioned that she was reminded that “not only can you be a redemptive entrepreneur but you can work within a business that is redemptive and has good morals, values and reasoning behind the business.”

We are encouraged that these students had such a transformative experience over the summer in learning about what redemptive entrepreneurship truly is and seeing examples how this is lived out by a number of successful entrepreneurs. We look forward to hearing about the redemptive entrepreneurial endeavors these students will seek out in the future!