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Springboard Awards $15,000 to 2 Profs Gourmet Ice Cream

The father-son duo, Carley Dodd and Matthew Dodd have stirred hype among the residents of Abilene with their amazing ice cream parlor, “2 Profs Gourmet Ice Cream”!

The Background

Carley and Matthew served as professors in the Abilene community for 38 and 20 years respectively. They bought Terry’s Ice Cream, located in Sweetwater, its equipment, building and recipes, and opened “2 Profs Gourmet Ice Cream” in Abilene. In just a few months, the delicious gourmet ice cream and the supportive customer base helped 2 Profs Gourmet Ice Cream gain rapid popularity.

2 Profs Gourmet Ice Cream, located next to Heff’s Burger, right off of Highway 351, has won the hearts of numerous customers through its high quality taste!

Carley and his son Matthew used to enjoy eating ice cream together when Matthew was a kid. Visiting ice cream shops during the summer was a favorite activity for them both and now they get to share one of their favorite summer pastimes with their community.

Recognition by ACU Springboard

The father-son team entered the 2019 ACU Springboard New Ideas competition and was selected as the first place winner receiving $15,000. According to Carley Dodd, their win in the Springboard competition “almost immediately resulted in highly measurable outcomes.”

Dodd shared a few ways that the Springboard funding helped progress their business: “First, the funding enabled our company’s manufacturing arm to participate with a large store buyer’s meeting in Texas for them to consider our product in their Texas stores. This vendor meeting was promising and may open larger scale production and sales once we hear back from this organization. Second, the funding has facilitated supply chain stocking, processing logistics, labor and production, and inventory increases. We owe many thanks to the entire Springboard team for such a quick and immediate infusion that is resulting in measurable outcomes.”

ACU Springboard Competition

ACU Springboard holds an annual competition for local startups and young local businesses. Over the past decade Springboard has awarded over $750,000 to aspiring entrepreneurs and served as a way to connect, train and encourage regional startups. If you are interested in competing in Springboard check here for information about the guidelines of the annual competitions!