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Business Students Take China

Professors Jim Litton and Andy Little along with 20 ACU students have begun preparation for the 2017 Study Abroad trip in China. This three-week trip will begin July 8th. The group will primarily be spending their time in Shanghai, with a planned 3-night excursion to Beijing and an optional 3-night trip to Hong Kong.

Content being studied in China include a Law for Entrepreneurs course as well as a Global Entrepreneurship course. These classes will introduce students to issues generally faced by entrepreneurs doing business outside the United States from both legal and operational standpoints. They will also provide students with opportunities for field visits, cultural experiences, case studies faced by local entrepreneurs, and more.

Students will explore how the legal system and entrepreneurship are generally related to one another, along with how the two play intricate roles in the Chinese business setting. While exploring some of China’s biggest cities the group will be meeting with Chinese business leaders, American professionals doing business in China and Chinese law firms.

The group was honored with the presence of some of ACU’s Chinese students at a lunch (pictured above) hosted by Litton and Little. During this time students were able to converse with their peers and learn about traditions and customs from back home. This experience is one of multiple used to jumpstart the group’s immersion in Chinese culture.