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Summer 2019 renovations

Over the summer, the eHub – home of Wildcat Ventures and the Founders Club- received a much needed update to their office facilities. The eHub, located at the corner of ACU’s campus, has been home to Wildcat Ventures since its start in 2012, with an older house as the foundation, the students involved in Wildcat Ventures have been able to truly experience the “startup culture” and adapt through the years to the environment of the eHub.

However, this summer we were able to give the space a new and improved look. Some of the changes made to the facility included turning 4 individually walled off rooms into one large collaborative workspace and furnishing the space to provide a more modern and current feel. Our goal with this renovation was to get the students excited to collaborate and work alongside each other as they pursued their perspective entrepreneurial ventures.

Madison Hall, President of Wildcat Ventures, one of the students utilizing the space commented, “The eHub received much need TLC this summer that has completely transformed the way Wildcat Ventures teams engage with their entrepreneurial pursuits. It has been an exciting process watching the eHub transform over the past two semesters into a unique workspace that can sustain and cultivate student community and business development. Now, the eHub reflects the awesome privilege it is to be a part of Wildcat Ventures!”

We are so excited to kick off the year with a newly renovated space for these two Griggs Center student organizations and are looking forward to what this school year holds in store for the student leaders in both organizations.