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women's entrepreneurship week

On Monday, October 21st the Griggs Center hosted a breakfast with Amy Yates, entrepreneur, nutritionist and founder of Beyond Food. This breakfast was hosted during the 2019 Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. Women’s Entrepreneurship Week is a global celebration of female founders, created as a way to support, encourage and inspire female founders in all stages of life.

Amy shared her story of starting her business and what it means to her to inspire and encourage families to seek healthy meal plan options. She shared with the group to always know their “why” when thinking of what business they would want to start in the future. She spoke about the importance she places on maintaining a spiritual outlook on the business and how this holistic approach has been one of the blessings of her business. 

During the discussion, Amy emphasized the importance of eating foods that make you feel good and focusing on yourself and your wellbeing from a holistic standpoint because we, as women, are more than what we look like. She shared that “We have so much power and so much more to do now than to worry about eating to a size.” This holistic approach she mentioned is one of the main topics in her book, “Get Real: Small Steps, Real Food, Big Change.”

One of the students who attended the breakfast, Anne Carroll, Senior Psychology major, said, “I really loved when Amy was discussing how we have so much to juggle. Personally, I find this advice really valuable because we, as students, might be taking a lot of hours, working multiple jobs, or are just really involved, so it becomes impossible to say yes to everything. I’m a big advocate for self-care and managing your time in order to have time for yourself and with God, and Amy emphasized how important that it is as we run our own businesses and start our families.”

We are so grateful to Amy for coming to speak to the students and for sharing her wisdom on life and business. This breakfast was a perfect way to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Week 2019! If you want to learn more about Amy and Beyond Food, check out her Instagram @amy_yates_nutrition.