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Former Griggs Center Student Leader lands job at Google

It’s always exciting for us to hear about alumni that were involved with the Griggs Center landing successful and sought-after positions in the workforce. We sat down with Megan Haverkorn (‘17) to talk to her about her new job across the country working for Google.  
Tell us about your job! What is your position and what does a normal day at work look like?
I work in Google’s People Ops which is equatable to Human Resources. My job title is Recruiting Coordinator. After a candidate has applied to Google he or she goes through a series of phone interviews and an onsite interview. Each of these has to be organized. I work specifically with onsites on the west coast. So these candidates are probably in their last interview round or perhaps second to last. They will come onsite and meet with a number of different interviewers in the span of a few hours, so it is my job to figure out a schedule for the day, communicate with the candidate, the interviewers, the recruiter assigned to the candidate and sometimes the hiring manager. My day consists of a lot of scheduling, some meetings (usually covering company or department updates or process improvement), communication with different invested parties, and in the time in between I may attend a class or a guest speaker event.  
How did you come across this position and what was the application/ interview process like?
A sourcer from Google reached out to me on Handshake and asked me to submit an application for this position. I applied on the company website and then was connected to a recruiter who had me fill out a candidate profile. Next I had a preliminary phone call. This was followed by a second round, longer phone interview. Then I was brought onsite for last round interviews where I met with four separate people. After I was selected by the interviewers my profile went to a hiring committee who reviewed my information and decided to make me an offer.
What do you think set you apart from other candidates and what advice do you have for current students seeking opportunities like this?
I did my very best to prepare for the interviews. Not just practicing answering questions about myself but researching the company, market, competitors, etc. I tried to find out things about Google that are not common knowledge to showcase that I cared about the company and what it was doing. I had diverse and relevant experiences to use as talking points. Working for Wildcat Ventures, as well as other jobs and internships, allowed me to answer questions with real, translatable experience.  I also tried to enjoy the interviews. Google looks for people that will fit its culture so I wanted to be myself so it would be apparent to them and me if I was going to fit and be comfortable in the company culture. It is impossible to prepare for every question that could be asked but if you put in the work beforehand you will go into the interview with more confidence in your ability to represent yourself well. Knowledge of the company helps impress in an interview but I cannot stress enough how important internships, jobs and other translatable experiences are when looking for a job. Companies want real examples of when you exercised this skill you claim to have or when you displayed that characteristic.  Preparing for a job or an interview starts yesterday so get involved with something you will be excited to talk about in your next interview.