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Groundwork Composting Company

Wildcat Ventures, dedicated to starting student run companies on campus, has seen a lot of new changes this semester. With eight companies currently running, Groundwork Composting Company (or GCC) is their most recent project. Enactus, a student organization that aims to use entrepreneurship to enable human progress, came to Wildcat Ventures with the prospect of starting a composting program and from there it came to life. Since Wildcat Ventures starts a new business every year GCC has been made this year’s official new business and now has the opportunity to turn the Bean waste, and other various restaurants’ waste, into something more productive.

GCC is located on a piece of land at ACU Facilities and their employees are working on being trained to use equipment on site. After an interview process a CEO and one employee have been selected to get the ball rolling. So far GCC has talked with and begun partnerships with Starbucks (off-campus location), Chili’s, Crossing Café, and the Bean. The company hopes to scale their business soon by adding more restaurants such as Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, and Oscar’s. With their business model there is a lot of opportunity for growth. Little cost or hassle are associated with the project, simply training people, packaging, and marketing. Groundwork Composting Company hopes to have compost on the ground to collect by next week.

Senior Accounting student and Wildcat Ventures President Jack Oduro says, “We are eager to get this venture up and running. Composting has the potential to be one of the most socially conscious company WV has. We are going to help reduce ACU’s waste as a whole and we are going to create value from the waste we previously have been throwing away.” GCC clearly has a great foundation and the potential to prosper.

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