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Startup Week Preparation: Our Top Five Networking Tips

With Startup Week on the horizon, having good networking skills will help you make the most of the week’s events. Making contact with a wide range of people across disciplines can open doors to new opportunities you didn’t know where there, and it’s often the difference between landing a good job and a great one.

With that, here are our top five networking tips.

1. Know what you want to know.

Don’t go into a lunch meeting or other event without having a few questions in mind, even if that means just asking for general advice for your stage of a career. It ensures you get the most out of the meeting, shows you’re prepared, and is a great filler to prevent lulls in the conversation.

2. Know your resume.

If the person you’re going to be talking to has already looked at your resume, make sure you know what’s on it. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated or looked at it, refresh your memory and glance over it. Getting asked about something that you’re not prepared for does not make a good impression.

3. Don’t just talk about work.

While work is obviously going to be the focus of your conversations, nobody wants to talk about work all the time. Bring up hobbies, recent trips, fun classes you may have taken. If the person is a potential co-worker, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. Meshing on a social level is important.

4. Have a professional picture on LinkedIn.

In a study by Princeton psychologists, first impressions based on pictures of unfamiliar faces were formed in 1/10th of a second. Make yours a good one. Keep it recent, wear professional dress, and have it well-lit.

5. Pick out an outfit the night before.

Pants not ironed? Can’t find your heels? You shouldn’t be rushing around an hour before trying to get your clothes just right. Lay everything out before you go to bed for a stress-free morning.