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Summer Intern Spotlight: Matthew Archer, Thelese Management

About Me
Matthew Archer
Major: Finance and Accounting, Entrepreneurship Fellow
Hometown: Austin
Hobbies: Reading, playing sports, being active in general
Thelese Management is a private investment portfolio based in Austin, Texas
What I Do
More like what haven’t I done. I’ve been able to dip my feet into a lot of different things such as conducting different types of financial analyses, web development, social media marketing, etc.
About My Experience
My experience has been great this summer. Working with with Chris I have gotten to see that being a Christian doesn’t just affect what we do on Sunday mornings, but it is something that shapes our entire lives which includes the “business world.” I’ve seen that if we take seriously the calling that Jesus gives to us for our lives it is going to fundamentally change how we deal with people on a daily basis and even what kind of things or people we choose to invest in.
I’ve gotten to meet different entrepreneurs that have started companies with every different level of success. What really sticks out to me about each of these entrepreneurs is the energy and passion that they have for what they are doing. No matter how big the company was, it was easy to tell that they loved what they did and were constantly wanting to move forward.
This summer I’ve been able to see a little of both the good and bad of entrepreneurship. I think all the founders of these companies that I have met would tell you that it isn’t always the most fun thing in the world, especially when things aren’t going well, but they probably all wouldn’t ever take back anything they did because you learn so much more from the mistakes than you ever will from the successes. At the end of the day the most important thing about entrepreneurship that I’ve learned from working here is that it’s all about finding and exploiting opportunity. Entrepreneurs are some of the best problem solvers in the world because they see something wrong and decide to find a better way to do it.